Frequently Asked Questions

SHREDLAGE® Frequently Asked Questions

  • Just exactly what is SHREDLAGE® brand silage anyway?
    In addition to superior kernel processing, SHREDLAGE® brand silage is longer cut corn measuring 26mm – 30mm theoretical length of cut (TLC) with the stalk ripped length wise into planks and strings allowing for improved effective fiber, better packing and a greater exposure to the inner cells of the plant for increased microbial activity.
  • Why is SHREDLAGE®silage better than conventional corn silage?
    SHREDLAGE®silage is better because it produces longer particle size which provides increased peFiber and improved digestible NDF, and superior kernel processing.
  • How is SHREDLAGE®silage made?
    SHREDLAGE® silage is produced at harvest by the specially designed and patented SHREDLAGE® brand processor installed within the forage harvester.
  • Can I make SHREDLAGE®silage with my regular kernel processor?
    No, SHREDLAGE® silage cannot be made with a regular, conventional kernel processor. It requires the special design of the SHREDLAGE® brand processor to get the desired length of cut, process the plant material, and damage the corn kernel adequately. Attempts have been made with regular processing units, and, not only have they not been able to make SHREDLAGE® silage, but damage was done to the processor being used.
  • What are the benefits of SHREDLAGE®silage?
    Though there are many added benefits reported when feeding SHREDLAGE® silage, there are three that are most notable:
    1) Superior processing with kernel scores consistently above 70
    2) Increased peFiber for improved rumen health and ability to feed higher levels of corn silage for reduced feed cost
    3) Increased fiber digestibility
  • Are there any university trials published on SHREDLAGE®silage?
    Yes. A number of studies have been done, and are planned, at the University of Wisconsin, with others at Cornell University in New York. Many independent bunker evaluations have also been conducted by inoculate, feed and other industry companies.
  • Are there any further studies planned to evaluate SHREDLAGE®silage?
    Yes. With more of the SHREDLAGE® brand processors becoming part of different university equipment inventories, other studies are being planned, and will begin sometime in the near future.
  • If SHREDLAGE®silage is cut longer, how does it pack?
    A number of studies and bunker evaluations show that SHREDLAGE® silage packs equal to, and often better than conventionally processed silage. This is due to the reduction of whole stalk material that tends to trap or retain a “spongy” nature. The SHREDLAGE® brand processor explodes the stalk into planks and strings which allows the forage to compress allowing for improved packing.
  • Can SHREDLAGE®silage be put up dryer that regular corn silage?
    Yes. Because SHREDLAGE® silage tends to pack better, harvest can be delayed to allow for a deeper starch layer to develop and will still permit proper fermentation. Refer to the SHREDLAGE® silage Harvesting Recommendations page for proper machine settings for varying moisture levels and plant conditions.
  • What is the best percent of moisture for SHREDLAGE®silage?
    SHREDLAGE® silage target should be 65%-67% for moisture.
  • How does it work for BMR corn?
    The SHREDLAGE® brand processor works well for BMR genetic corn, however, being a more soft/flexible plant material, roll settings may need to be adjusted to ½ – 1 mm tighter gap than for conventional corn. . Research on BMR done at the University of Wisconsin showed SCHRDLAGE brand silage out performed conventionally processed silage.
  • How long does it need to be for SHREDLAGE®silage?
    SHREDLAGE® silage measures 26mm – 30mm in length when material is 65% – 67% moisture. As material becomes dryer, processor adjustments may need to be made for optimum results. Refer to the SHREDLAGE® silage Harvesting Recommendations page for the variation in material conditions.
  • Can SHREDLAGE®silage be cut longer than 30mm?
    It is not necessary to cut SHREDLAGE® silage longer than 30mm. During the SHREDLAGE® development phase, sorting became more likely with fiber length exceeded 30mm.
  • Do cows do better on SHREDLAGE®silage?
    As with anything, many factors can influence product outcome, including: feed quality, environmental conditions, and management practices. However, performance trends, feed adjustments, milk components and animal health during university trials and field experience have been very encouraging. Producer reports continue to affirm these results.
  • Will I get more milk? Butter fat? Protein?
    Though results vary with the conditions sited in the answer above, animal performance tends to be improved when feeding SHREDLAGE® silage as compared to conventionally processed corn silage.
  • What makes the SHREDLAGE® brand processor different than that of a conventional one?
    There are many differences between the SHREDLAGE® brand processor and the conventional units. With years of design work being done even before the developing phase began, several unique features needed to be contrived – all working together to obtain the desired characteristic of SHREDLAGE® silage. In fact, several attempts were made using a conventionally designed processor in hopes to achieve our goals for SHREDLAGE® silage, but all failed. It required the uniquely designed and patented SHREDLAGE® brand processor to produce genuine SHREDLAGE® silage.
  • Do SHREDLAGE® brand processors take more power to operate?
    The power demand issue varies with the size of the harvester, moisture of the plant material, and the setting of the processor itself. When following the recommended guidelines, operators report power demand from no noticeable difference to some slight increase (maybe 5%).
  • Does the SHREDLAGE® brand processor slow the chopper down during harvest?
    The answer to this question is similar to the answer above. When the processor is set properly, and according to the material being harvested, little difference is reported.
  • Can I afford to pay more to have a SHREDLAGE® brand processor put up for me?
    Based on university studies as well as the results reported by producers feeding SHREDLAGE® brand processor, the trends of improved performance and reduced feed cost suggest that SHREDLAGE® brand processor reflects an economical advantage that yields a higher value.
  • As a custom harvester, will I be able to charge more for harvesting SHREDLAGE®silage?
    The economic trends experienced by SHREDLAGE® silage producers does support a higher value to the equipment owner as well. Higher cost to the operator, along with in improved economic value for producers does support a higher operational charger.

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